The Bridal Party

Have you ever seen a better-looking group of people? The girls look beautiful in their custom-made dresses, and the guys look dapper with their maile and ti leaf leis.


Ramonette Fernandez from Hawaii, the Maid of Honor. Ramonette and I go way back to that 1st day in 8th grade. It was the first day of school and we were both waiting for the yellow banana (school bus). She had a long white skirt and a big white bows on her hair. She's always been there whenever I struggled with big decisions in life. Apparently, she wasn't listening when I told her I was moving to Nebraska. But she liked the fact that I chose Michael.

Marcus Micheli from Nebraska, the Best Man. I've known Marcus since our freshman year in college. Even though we met through a different person, it was Marcus and I that hit it off. When I moved back to Hawaii for a while, he was one of the few I kept in contact through those years. Both Dulce and I are extremely grateful to have a friend like him, definitely not "wishful thinking". Is that the phone ringing? Better get back to watching the game!


Micah Evans from Massachusetts. I met Micah through Marcus, but things really grew after he met Dulce and me in Boston one spring. He had infinite patience when we were in search of my, er, "collectibles". Since then, it's been like we've known each other for ages. Except when he refused to go into Filene's Basement for Dulce's wedding dress.

Jill Tran from California. I've known Jill since 8th grade. Jill was one of the girls who hopped into the yellow banana back in 8th grade. Ramonette, Jill and I used to catch the same school bus and hung out until she moved to another school and eventually to California during our Sophomore year. We've always kept in touch. In her letters or phone calls, Jill always asked when she'll hear the "wedding bells!" Well, I hope it was loud enought for her!

Steven Hubbard from Nebraska. He is my youngest brother and did a great job helping Dulce feel welcome to the family when she came to Nebraska. Since he is my only brother not to have a girlfriend, I thought putting him in a tux would help his chances.

Doreen Belen from California. Doreen supported my relationship with Michael from the very beginning. Whenever Michael was over, she always made sure he felt at home and was part of all family functions. She always joked around with Michael. Doreen and Michael took time to get to know each other, like those lunch dates at Subway!

Mark Christensen from Nebraska. I met Mark in college, a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy. Mark is my internet partner-in-crime, as we try to outdo each other with esoteric web sites. He used to have really long hair, but he cut it off just for our wedding. Should we tell him our good-natured gibes were not at all serious?

Duriza Belen from Hawaii. Without Duriza, I would not have met Michael. She was there when Michael and I started liking each other. Duriza always watched out for me and the bad guys who might take advantage of her little sister. Now, she's happily resting from worrying about her little sister, right Michael?


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