Dulce and Michael's Wedding
Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts
September 23, 2000

What's Here

Sep 23

Return to the Vineyard: We returned 8 years later to Martha's Vineyard with our daughter Anya. View our Photo Album.

Oct 26

New Wedding Slideshow: Dad re-scanned some larger images and I created a slideshow on the left. I love the increased resources on my new web host!

Oct 21

The wedding page is back up! No more pop-ups and faster loading now. Here's what we have, from the frame contents:

  • Wedding Program: What went on during our ceremony and reception
  • Party & Guests: Who are all those people in the pictures?
  • Wedding Pictures: The part you've been waiting for: Dad's official wedding photos
  • More Pictures: Pictures other than Dad's official ones; more candid shots
  • Map & Itinerary: The map is an overview of the places we visited and the itinerary shows what we did daily
  • Martha's Vineyard: Maps and photos of places we visited on the island
  • Boston & Environs: Maps and photos of places we visited in and around Beantown

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