Our Guests

We were happily surprised to see how many of our good friends made trips to attend our special day. People came from off-island Massachusetts, Canada, Rhode Island, Florida, Guam, Connecticut, California, Nebraska, and Hawaii to Martha's Vineyard. We cannot exaggerate how grateful we feel for all our friends who came out and helped make this wedding perfect.

The best part was how well all these "strangers" got along. They made everyone's time on the island so enjoyable, that it would've taken a concerted effort not to have a good time. We know we have the greatest friends and families in the world and we love you all!

Flory Umayam-Lutzke from Hawaii

Thanks to Flory, the whole wedding was a success. She was involved in all aspects of the wedding, sort of like a Wedding Coordinator. Best of all, she only cost us one lobster dinner! Flory was definitely the "life of the party" making all visitors feel welcome.

Shella Belen from Ontario, Canada

Where was this cousin of Dulce hiding all this time? From the first day we (Michael, Dulce and Shella) met, Shella has been nothing but a joy! She brought all the way from Canada her craftsy talent of decorating with shells. She got along with everybody so well, that there was no single soul in the wedding that Shella forgot to invite to Canada!

Terry Wurdemann from Hawaii

Terry assisted almost everywhere: from the tent preparations to the pancit cooking. We also had a lot of fun taking Terry around Martha's Vineyard. When we had to play "tour guide" as we explored the island, she was one of the most interested. We hope she got to see everything she wanted to. If not, we'll just have to bring her back.

Cassie Gebauer from Nebraska

Sometimes before the wedding, we'd feel the stress from planning this destination affair. Then we'd talk to Cassie and her hyper-enthusiasm would always get a smile from us. We had no idea she sang so well, and I know everyone enjoyed her performance at the wedding. She also did a good job as Michael's make-up and hair-stylist.

Jami Lambert from Nebraska

We were happy Jami was able to make it. She was invaluable in getting the church ready for our ceremony, and did so with the utmost of patience. A trusted friend, she made sure nothing would ruin our special day. Along with Cassie, she was an honorary member of the "Mens Club".

Lam Le from California

Lam went along with three complete strangers for the "Boys Night Out" in Boston and fit in perfectly. He was such a good sport in dealing with our many requests for his help, including driving people and cleaning up, as well as filming the wedding. Thanks also for the Husker updates!

Derek Hubbard from Nebraska

We had no idea how much we asked Michael's "little" brother Derek to do when he became our lector. We've just now tried to read that Donne poem and could not recite it with any kind of a rhythm. Great job, Derek! He was also a great help as an usher at our wedding.

Brian Hubbard from Nebraska

Our head usher, he worked well with Flory in making sure everyone in the church got seated. Brian also decorated the lighted tree and helped Mr. Belen with the sound system. Afterwards, he was right there to help with the reception clean-up. Now, if only Michael's brother could learn to punt a football...

Stephanie Hubbard from Nebraska

When we found out that we didn't have a whole lot of dance music in our collection, Stephanie came to our rescue, providing some great music with her CDs.

Martha Fiesta from Hawaii

Martha is the keyholder! If you want to know all the ugly details about Dulce and Michael's relationship, she is the "go to" person. Martha, wanting so bad to witness the end of the road for Dulce and Michael, attended our wedding carrying the bridal bouquet, orchid, maile, and ti leis all the way from Hawaii. There is nothing we will not do to make her upcoming wedding a success.

Mike Directo from Hawaii

Fittingly enough, he caught the garter. He'll be marrying Martha in February at Hawaii. Can you say reunion, everybody? Mike was instrumental in helping set up the reception tent and the cleanup following it. He's probably thinking of ways to put us to work at his wedding.

Dennis Belen from Hawaii

Dulce's little brother who two weeks before tied the knot also. Without Dennis, our guests would not have enjoyed the clambake. With his kukui-nut lei and Aloha shirt, he surfed through the reception hall, single-handedly served everyone, from the broth, butter to the clambake net. He also did a great job with the reading during the wedding ceremony.

Layne Belen from Hawaii

Michael and Dulce's sister-in-law! What can we say: "Welcome to the families!" She took the whole wedding preparation and the actual event in stride, she probably never imagined her honeymoon would involve a rowdy group of people from all over the country!

Ashley Bouchard from Massachusetts

Everytime we go to the island, we always make sure we spend time with Ashley and Stephanie. One of our fondest memories of that first summer was going "mucking" in the pond with Ashley. So, naturally, we had to include her in this wedding as an usher. Good thing she handled the preparation better than she stays dry in canoes!

Stephanie Bouchard from Rhode Island

Like the Hawaii guests, she also came from an "island". Stephanie came all the way from college come to our wedding. We were happy to have some Vineyarders help out with the ushering, and she did a great job in helping seat the island people.

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