Wedding Pictures

Our Engagement Picture

We know this is the part you wanted to see the most. These are the pictures taken by Dennis Hubbard (aka: Dad), the "official" wedding photographer. One reason why we picked him is so we'd have total control over the reprints. We've scanned most of the good ones (without blinking, etc) and can get copies if you want them.

The following pages have thumbnail scans (to decrease download time and conserve space) where you can click to see larger versions. The pictures are in order and you can get from page I to page II and so on. The outline below isn't really specific, I just divided the pages into 8 pictures each. Just click the first page and go through them all.

If you do want any pictures, be sure to let us know the index numbers by each photo. Enjoy!

Wedding Pictures I
Preparation, Church Poses

Wedding Pictures II
Church Poses

Wedding Pictures III
Church Poses, Beach Poses

Wedding Pictures IV
Beach Poses

Wedding Pictures V
Beach Poses, Ceremony

Wedding Pictures VI
Ceremony, Reception

Wedding Pictures VII

Wedding Pictures VIII

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